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Three Things I Learned From 23


Tomorrow is my birthday and I will officially leave 23 behind. That’s a little scary for me because 24 feels grown-up and I certainly don’t. I’ve not yet reached that point where I feel like an adult, if such a point really exists. We all are sort of winging it, aren’t we? But in celebration of my birthday and as a way to say goodbye to 23, I would like to share with you three things I’ve learned while calling this number my own.

  1. People are complex and have different perceptions of reality. Embrace that. We are all biased in some way but your opinions and thoughts aren’t any less valid simply because it is you who holds them. Differing viewpoints don’t have to be threatening; they can help you look at issues in a way you hadn’t thought of before.
  2. Plans are overrated. Some of the best things to happen in my life were never anything I had planned on. Sometimes short term goals propel you farther than long term goals. A dream is a beautiful thing but staring too far into the distance can leave you blind to opportunity right at your feet. Don’t miss out on adventures just because they are a detour. You might end up liking that road better than the one you mapped out.
  3. And finally, live your own life and let others live theirs. If we all only get one shot at this, don’t come to the end feeling like you lived someone else’s version of you. Try things. Fail. Fill your days with things that bring you joy, even something as small as a cup of tea before bed. Add to your pile of good things. Maybe the point of life is simply (and not so simply) to live it.

Here’s to 24!