Embracing the Questions

Since I started this blog, I’ve found myself using it as a way to work through some of the worries I’ve been dealing with after graduating college. Questions about careers, money, my purpose in life, and if I’m falling behind and wasting potential that keep me up at night or sneak up on me during the day often times find their way into my blog posts. And as helpful as trying to answer those questions here can be, perhaps I’ve been thinking about them in the wrong way. Maybe they’re not supposed to be answered. At least not yet.

When I was in school, for as long as I can remember I was the kid that always finished my homework first. I didn’t like letting it go until the last minute or even taking a long time to think about the questions. I wanted to be finished. For me, it was always about the end product, never about the journey to get there, which is a perfect way to think about how I have lived my life up until now. I want results. Now.

But results are not the point of life. You don’t get graded on how quickly you achieve goals and you don’t get an A if you’re the first of your peers to land a good job, or buy a house, or travel the world. Life, as they say, is about the journey. And part of the journey is the questions. So now, I’m trying to embrace those questions rather then let them fill me with anxiety, and enjoy the process of figuring them out. Yes, it’s true that I don’t know what I want to do for a career. But maybe I don’t want just one career. And that gives me the freedom to try things. To make mistakes. To learn. Which, if you ask me, comes as close to the point of living as you’re going to get.


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