So You Think You Can Dance Top 14


Last night on So You Think You Can Dance, the worst happened. And I don’t mean when the guys almost threw Emilio right off the stage. Don’t worry, they caught him. Still, I’m sure a few of those screaming girls in the first row saw their lives flash before their eyes. But anyway, I’ll get to the results later and hopefully I’ll be able to see through my tears by then. Only joking! I’m too dead inside now to cry! Christina Applegate was the guest judge last night and as usual, she was a welcomed edition to the panel. She’s just good at judging dances, you guys. And boy, there were a lot of dances to judge! Six solos, seven duets, two mini-groups and one full group dance! I’m exhausted just typing it and I am totally sitting in bed right now! Here are the three performances that stood out the most for me last night.

1. Top 7 Girls, Mandy Moore Contemporary piece to “My Immortal (Band Version)” by Evanescence 

Simply put, this dance was breathtaking. There is nothing I don’t love about a wind machine, especially with the beautiful dresses the girls were wearing. I loved the sense of struggle and pain portrayed in the piece and the idea that we sometimes let that pain isolate us from others who are perhaps experiencing the same thing. The times when the girls lifted each other and held each other up were particularly powerful. As usual, Carly stood out the most for me, but Tanisha is also excellent, especially in these group numbers. 

2. Valerie and Ricky, Pharside and Pheonix Hip-Hop piece to “Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake and Lil John

I thought the concept of this piece was really cool and creepy and both dancers portrayed their characters particularly well. I wasn’t sure how these two would handle Hip-Hop but I think the concept worked in their favor. My favorite moments were the very beginning when Valerie was mirroring Ricky’s arm movements and then when Valerie did a sort of wave in Second position on the floor using only her legs. I also loved how much fun they seemed to be having. 

For my third favorite, I had to choose between both of Travis Wall’s pieces. Casey and Jessica danced theirs beautifully, but I think the concept for his group piece was the more original of the two.

3. Top 7 guys, Travis Wall Contemporary piece to “Wave” by Beck

This piece was about the lost souls of the sea and it was haunting and beautiful and sad. From the very beginning when the guys came up onto the stage from the sides, the tone was set. Every movement was wave-like and really appeared to be under water. When they threw Emilio, my breath caught in my throat. And that scream! Chilling! The lighting was perfect as well, and gave the stage an otherworldly appearance. Travis Wall can basically do no wrong. 

Four dancers were eliminated last night: Teddy, Serge, Emily, and Carly. The judges chose to save Casey and Jessica after their performance from last night, which don’t get me wrong, was great. But I am so upset about Carly and Serge! I’m not sure why they were in the bottom in the first place, but they’ve also been the most consistent from week to week. Everything they’ve performed has been amazing while Casey and Jessica have been a little all over the place. It also didn’t help that Carley and Serge got the QUICKSTEP last night. I mean, the Quickstep is challenging and can be fun to watch, but it’s not super memorable or easy to connect to. And Jessica and Casey got a Travis Wall piece. I don’t know. Just stop trying to make Jessica happen, Nigel! Jessica is never going to happen! Yikes! My inner Regina George just came out a little bit! I apologize! To be fair, Jessica is extremely talented and has been a little unlucky with her dances and partners this season. I really enjoyed her dancing last night and hope she continues to improve. But Carly and Serge should have stayed. Both are able to portray emotions in a very real way and their chemistry was brilliant. But oh well. I’ll get over it. Maybe.

What about you? Were you upset over the eliminations last night? What was your favorite piece?  Do you think the girls in the front would have caught Emilio? Let me know!



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