The Wildness of Nature

I’ve been blogging a lot about nature recently and I’m not sure exactly why this is. Obviously, I love nature, but I’ve been feeling a deeper connection with it lately. I think this is because I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure to live my life according to certain standards set by society, standards I don’t necessarily want to meet. And that really bothers me. I haven’t yet become confident enough to be able to ignore the judgements of others that have no bearing on my life (it’s something I’m continuing to work on) but when I’m out in the woods, I can let that all go. No one is there to judge the successfulness of my life. There is simply life. And the wildness of it, of life untouched by the human need to “fix” things is really soothing. If I can learn to keep that sense of tranquility with me outside of the woods, I think I’ll be on the right track. 


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