Ban “Bossy”

This is an interesting idea. But what interested me the most was the comment section on Youtube where a crazy amount of backlash against this video is occurring right now. That a simple video made to empower young girls could be seen as controversial seems odd to me and the attacks on the women in the video highlight the need for conversations like this to continue. Who we are on the Internet is a reflection of who we are in society. Maybe certain aspects of our personalities are exaggerated by the anonymity the Internet provides, but we are still ourselves. So the hateful comments on this video stem from ideas still present in today’s society. And it seems to me a lot of these commenters are afraid of what might happen if the traditional status quo is challenged. Banning the word bossy isn’t going to fix everything and I don’t think that’s the point of this video. I think the real point is to get us to think about how we perceive women in power as compared to men and to remind us to think more carefully about the influence our words can have in the life of another.


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