Winter Olympics: Sochi 2014

The Olympics are here!


As someone who generally doesn’t pay much attention to sporting events, you’d think the Olympics wouldn’t be such a big deal to me. But they are! I love them so much! I love the opening ceremony and learning about another culture through the presentation. I love how the events become sort of a metaphor for life. These athletes train their entire lives for the chance at competing in the Olympics and sometimes that hard work pays off, and sometimes it doesn’t. But the chance for redemption is always there, as well as the desire to prove to the world, and themselves, what they’re made of. The pressure is enormous but somehow they manage it. All of the emotions are heightened at the Olympics, from the sadness and disappointment that comes from falling short, to the extreme happiness and pride in victory. It also gives me a lot of hope to see so many countries represented in a peaceful event where the awards are based on merit rather than popularity.

This year Sochi is home to the Olympics. I’ve always been fascinated by Russian history so I was particularly excited to see what the host nation would do for the opening ceremony. And I have to say, I really enjoyed it. There was a whimsical quality to it that I wasn’t expecting and I was super happy that they included Russian ballet dancers in the program. The lighting of the Olympic torch was also stunning.


As a kid (like a lot of kids), I remember being certain that I would compete in the Olympics some day, even though I was not training for them at all. I am old enough now to realize the chance of that happening is incredibly slim. But that’s all right. Being able to watch them makes me happy enough.


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