Motivating Myself

I’m having trouble motivating myself. This isn’t a new problem, of course, I’ve struggled with this quite a bit. But the new year always forces me to reflect on who I am and what I would like to work on within myself. 2014 seems like a great year to tackle my procrastination problem. My plan is to begin slowly by working on certain projects for short amounts of time. I’m not the type of person who likes to devote hours upon hours to one thing. I get bored and feel like I’m neglecting other parts of my life. I need balance, so I want to find a way to juggle a few different things at once without becoming a recluse. I also plan on making to-do lists because I find crossing things off of them to be enjoyable (I might be slightly boring). So here’s to 2014! Hopefully in a year’s time I’ll be able to look back and shake my head at 2013 me and her inability to GET STUFF DONE! Wish me luck!


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