Jena Malone as Johanna Mason


I recently wrote an analysis of the movie adaptation of Catching Fire on my other blog (link here:, but I wanted to write another post on Jena Malone’s portrayal of Johanna Mason. I was excited when I heard about her casting because judging by Malone’s other work, I knew she would be able to pull of the slightly crazy side of Johanna. And she did that and so much more. She wasn’t just playing Johanna, she was Johanna. Whether she was berating the Capital or revealing that she had no one left that she loved, Malone was throughly Johanna. Sometimes actors stepping into a well-known character’s shoes try to put their own spin on the role to varying degrees of success. But Malone put the character first, which to me, is the mark of a good actor. A particularly satisfying moment was during Johanna’s interview before the start of the games in which she began to drop some f-bombs and needed to be censored by the Capitol. I loved everything about her performance and look forward to seeing more from her in the upcoming movies.


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