John Green Explains Healthcare Costs

This video in which John Green discusses the complicated system that is U.S healthcare is quite informative. He points out that there is not one solution but many solutions that are needed to make the system work for all Americans. With something as important as the collective health of a nation on the line, we cannot let our system spiral into even more of a mess than it is now. So check it out. Hopefully with more and more people becoming informed on the difficulties the U.S. system of healthcare presents, the more solutions will be presented that will benefit us all.


2 thoughts on “John Green Explains Healthcare Costs

    1. lisa2517 Post author

      Thanks! Well, that’s the difficult part and I’m the first to admit that I really don’t know. The system in the US is really messed up. But I do think some way of regulating prices so they don’t vary widely from hospital to hospital is essential. Steven Brill wrote an article about this in Time magazine called The Bitter Pill if you’re interested. And as far as getting involved, the first thing to do is try and get as much information on this problem as you can. You can also let your representatives in government know that this issue is an important one. And talk to others about it. I know that may not seem like much, but the more people who are aware of the real problems of the system, the more likely a solution is to be presented.


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