Quitting my job

A little over a week ago, I quit a job for the first time in my life. Granted, I have not had that many jobs, but this was a big step for me (though some might say a foolish one). The job was in a professional setting and I was excited to have found something where my college degree would be an asset to me so soon after graduating. But I hated it: the job, the hours, everything. And I felt like a failure. This job was supposed to be my future, at least for a while, and yet, I dreaded going. So I quit. I had another job to fall back, though not one where my degree is needed at all. But I didn’t want to stay at a job I hated just because it would sound impressive when someone asked me where I worked. To me, life is about creating your own path to happiness. And I was not happy at my job. Quitting was a deliberate step towards happiness for me and helped me to realize that I am the one who gets to decide what sort of life I lead. So many people hate what they do for a living and spend their precious time feeling miserable. And there are legitimate reasons for doing so: family, house payments, medical bills. But I do have to wonder what our society would be like if everyone took one step each day towards happiness. It doesn’t have to be a big step. It just has to be forward.


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